Triple C Coaching

Coach Corey Coogan Cisek

I am a lifetime competitive athlete.

As a child, I was a serious alpine ski racer with Olympic dreams. As a teen, I transitioned to Nordic skiing and a new Olympic dream. As a post-collegiate competitor, I earned a top-10 national ranking in the sprint and several major ski marathon wins.

I retired from professional/elite Nordic ski racing in 2006 and shortly thereafter, discovered cycling.

I grew serious about cyclocross in 2013, winning Master’s Nationals in 2013 and 2016, as well as runner-up in singlespeed in 2017. From 2017-2018 to present, I have spent winters living in Belgium racing at the UCI/World Cup level, all the while learning as much about cyclocross “in the heartland” as possible.

I started coaching middle school and high school track and field while still in college, and added cross-country running after graduation. Early in my cycling career, I coached a junior cycling team, including some personal coaching. In 2013, I set coaching aside for a bit to more seriously pursue my own racing.

All told, I’ve coached on and off for 11 years

I started Triple C LLC in spring 2019 to support my cycling and coaching aspirations.

At the moment, I am a full-time athlete, coach, and occasional freelance writer. Over time, I will transition out of elite sport and into full-time coaching.

For you, it’s an ideal time to start working with me. Since I am still racing and newer to personal coaching, I am intentionally keeping my client load low and my per client commitment high. I can offer you personalized attention and commitment. As an active racer, I can provide insight into training and racing at the professional level.

I am a USA Cycling Level 2 certified coach. My primary interests are cyclocross, junior development, women’s cycling, WTF cycling, and coaching beginning endurance athletes. I am happy to coach cyclocross, road, mountain bike, running, and cross-country skiing, as well as all ages and genders.


I provide personalized coaching based on your individual goals, strengths, weaknesses and availability. Workouts are delivered via Training Peaks in 2-4 week blocks. The onboarding process (usually a month) is intensive as I get to know you. We sit down to discuss your goals, preferences, and time availability. In the beginning, I prescribe training just one week at a time until I get to know you better.

My approach is holistic. I try to prescribe training that fits within your life and that you (usually) enjoy. It doesn’t work to “just” schedule ideal training blocks and send you on your way. I want to get the most out of you within the constraints and challenges of your schedule, work, and personal life. A happy and rested athlete goes faster!

I also don’t expect you to be a superior athlete with big goals. If you are, great. However, if you “just” want to run your first 5 km, I’m equally excited to help you through that process.

When coaching junior athletes, my lens is long term. It’s important to set the foundation for athletic success and enjoyment over the lifetime. Likewise, cycling must be balanced with academics, family life, and other sports and hobbies.

For cyclists, I am happy to coach with power data, heart rate, or just perceived exertion. I do strongly advise that you at least get a Garmin (or other computer) as it makes updating Training Peaks a whole lot easier.

Details and Costs

Standard Plan

First month: Workouts delivered weekly, One-on-one consultation in person or online, Unlimited athlete-initiated contact (phone, text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger). Guaranteed coach weekly review of Training Peaks data (I often review/comment daily.)

Subsequent months: Workouts delivered in 2-4 week chunks. 60 minute athlete-initiated contact (phone, text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger). Guaranteed coach weekly review of Training Peaks data (I often review/comment daily.)

Costs: $200 first month and $150 (check rate) or $155 (PayPal rate) thereafter. Minimum 3-month commitment.

Additional Services

Please contact me regarding personal coaching with contact levels over the standard plan. I am happy to offer consultations at an hourly rate. In March 2020, I will be scheduling Nordic ski lessons for cyclists, teaching you how to ski or how to ski more efficiently.

Triple C Coaching (612) 991-0306